Steps to Designing Your New House

Begin by brainstorming ideas in regard to what type of floor plan you would like and what style of elevation you would prefer.

You will need to know how many bedrooms and bathrooms will be necessary and a solid idea of room location.

All in all, more importantly, you will need to know your square footage requirements.

Searching through home plan magazines or simply perusing our plan portfolio can be very helpful in reaching a conclusion on the above steps. Taking a ride through neighborhoods will also give you a better visual of what you like and dislike. It is recommended to take as many pictures as possible of what you do like. Keep in mind that you may not like everything about your neighbor’s house, but you may love its roofline. Whereas, the house next door has a floor plan that fits your description of “perfect”. We can assist you in informing you whether the two can work jointly together.

Once you’ve concluded on which direction you would like to go in regard to the above steps, it may be helpful to simply sketch your idea on blank paper or graph paper. If on graph paper, you can virtually draw your idea to scale by making a block or an inch equal a specific distance. Common scales are 1 inch = 4 feet and 1 inch = 8 feet. (You may find simple home design software that can be much easier than actually drawing the sketch. Most of these types of software come with built-in templates that will allow you easily place appliances, fixtures, windows/doors, etc.)